About Us

Our Beliefs

Schools need more parent engagement, but parents are increasingly busy.

Schools would benefit if they knew how to tap into the skills and talents of the parent community.

Parents would engage more if information was readily accessible and aligned with their interests and skills.

School leaders and parents would appreciate anything that makes their lives simpler.

Engagement can be fun.

The “Modern Village

You’ve heard it before…it takes a village to educate a child. Years and years ago, this village concept consisted of families tightly located geographically, centered around the church, with typically one parent working and one parent staying involved with their child’s education and other activities.

The “modern village” looks quite different.  Families are more geographically dispersed; some families belong to the affiliated church and some don’t; and most families have both parents working full time. Engaging parents in the 21st century is difficult.  Connect1 is focused on a smarter way to engage the modern village.

The Impact on Student Success

We believe that the goal of all schools is tied to student success.  Research shows that parental involvement is tied to increased student success, and schools should help parents become “knowledgeable partners” in the learning process.  In that vein, the village, or school community, needs to be informed and needs a place to interact. Helping schools better communicate and operate more efficiently enables them to more fully focus on student success.