Catholic Identity

Directory and Talent Center

Volunteering and Strategic Tasks

Catholic Identity

Catholic Saints

Jesus, Mary, and our communion of saints all participate in the app
  • Avatars of Jesus and Mary guide users through the app
  • Families choose 1 of our 60 saint avatars to represent them in the app
  • Prayer levels are achieved based on the real levels to sainthood
  • Learn more about our saints through our connected website dedicated to them – www.saintlife.io

Prayer Center

First-of-its-kind digital prayer board just for your school community
  • Ability for community members to request prayers from other members
  • Ability to answer prayers
  • Leave comments to those requesting prayers
  • One overall “prayer board” to see all prayers
  • Achieve higher levels of“sainthood” by answering more prayers
  • Notifications of prayers being answered

Directory and Talent Center

Contact Directory and Actions

Digital, centralized community contact information with advanced action features
  • Digital school directory produced automatically from app registration (no need for separate process!)
  • Ability to access text, email, or call apps to directly contact people
  • Integration with your Google Maps and Waze apps to get directions to locations
  • Directory board with easy filters for grade or homeroom teacher
  • Separate filter for parents vs. faculty
  • Detailed view of family, children, grades, nicknames and more

Family Talent Center

Not just a directory, but a more meaningful profile that shows talents of members that can be used to help the community
  • Talents shown for each individual in the household
  • Ability for parents to edit, add, delete talents and choose which ones to make public
  • Ability to search directory for specific talents
  • Ability to report breakdown of talents for entire school community
  • Ability to integrate talent requests for volunteering role needs

Volunteering Interest Center

Summary of volunteering interest of your school community
  • Four different reports for volunteering interests, time preferences, roles, and fundraising expectations
  • Ability to filter report by grade and by homeroom teacher
  • Clickable report that shows the parents and families that make up the summary columns

Volunteering and Strategic Tasks

Volunteering Gamification

Use positive reinforcement, not quotas, to engage your community. Know what's working, who's engaging and continuously improve your process.
  • Gamifies Volunteering for Increased Engagement / Fun
  • Point Process and Advanced Levels
  • Recognition for Top Volunteers
  • Dashboard per Household Showing Hours
  • Community Engagement Reporting

The Volunteer Board

Finally!  One place to see all volunteering opportunities.
  • Digital Board with all Events in One Place
  • Ability to isolate those events you have signed up for or have created
  • Sort, Filter Events by Multiple Attributes
  • Toggle for Seeing Past Events
  • See Details of Individual Events
  • Easily See Events that are Already Filled

Event Creation, Sign-up and Tracking

Most robust, feature-rich, secure, and mobile-ready volunteering app on the market.
  • Secure and Only Accessible by School Community
  • Robust Volunteer Event Creation Wizard
  • Define School-Level vs. Classroom-Level Events
  • Define Strategic Tasks and Positions
  • Archive and Recall Events to Recreate for Future Dates
  • Any Type of Event -- One Day / Multi-Time Slot; Multi-Day / Multi-Time Slot; Recurring Days; Year-Long
  • Eligibility Criteria for Volunteers
  • Define Volunteer Hours (Points) Assigned
  • Embedded Emailing and Notifications
  • Integration with Personal Calendars

Reporting and Analytics

Administrative reports on volunteering and overall engagement.
  • Download of Event Inventory for the Year
  • Reports Showing Event Fulfillment
  • Family and Individual Level Point Summaries